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Billy Graham partnered with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship many times during his life in order to bring the gospel message to college students.
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‪”You cannot wait upon the faculty.‬

‪ ..upon older leaders. It is time for students to exert their leadership with all the enthusiasm and tremendous power they have. Give it all to Christ.”‬

‪—The Rev. Dr. @BillyGraham‬


‪@UrbanaMissions ’57‬

As his legacy is now to be remembered upon entering into eternity with dearly loved ones in heaven, today I want to express gratitude, giving thanks to the praise of God’s glorious grace for the life, person and ministry of Billy Graham.

After college in NYC as an engineering student having participated with InterVarsity on campus, I felt led to rededicate my life to Christ at a Billy Graham Crusade. Later on while employed as a systems analyst doing business in the corporate workplace, I received training and was honored with the opportunity to volunteer in service as an evangelism and prayer counselor at another Billy Graham event rally in Pittsburgh.

When the invitation came toward the end of his message that day, the sight of thousands of people gathered and coming forward as they sensed the Spirit’s leading to commit their lives to Jesus was an awesome experience—such a blessing and privilege to personally share and bear witness to the love of the Lord our Savior and walk alongside person after person prayerfully receiving the free gift of God that is eternal life in Christ Jesus. To God alone be the glory.

‪—Rex Espiritu

~ by rexespiritu on February 21, 2018.

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