Prayers and Praises

Please leave your words of encouragement and love here so that the family can read them and be empowered by the love of the Body of Christ!!!


24 Responses to “Prayers and Praises”

  1. Taking you to the Throne of Grace…pleading with you…in hope. All love to you.

  2. The prayer warriors at Huntertown United Methodist Church are praying for healing, peace & comfort for the whole family during this blessed Advent season. ❤

    • Thanks! And Blessings to our fellow intercessors, dear sisters and brothers in Christ, in this Comfort-filled Season of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love in the Light of Life at Christmas!!! In God’s Healing Grace….

  3. You are in the prayers of the people of Spiceland Nazarene

  4. Debbie and I are praying for all you.

  5. Of course all of you…

  6. The Mokrys and Kohlmeiers (your families of heart and spirit) are praying for all of you, for the Lord’s will, for all healing, for encouragement for each day and moments of joy in the midst of trial. So much love. ❤

  7. May you know God’s abundant grace in these days. . .steadfast love (hesed) surround you.

  8. May all the love in the universe be in you, filling you to the crown with comfort, reassurance, and warmth. May tomorrow and the next day leave you feeling strong, peaceful, and fulfilled. Love.

    • joy for yesterday, strength for today, hope for tomorrow, gratitude for eternity, in the One Who is and was and is to come, the same throughout, our all in all, love, glory and grace abounding… thankfully yours, and His….

  9. Ditto to the above beautiful words. You have my prayers and Ruud’s, as well as those of the Yorktown Presbyterian church, CBC Woman to Woman Bible group, the Order of ST Luke’s healing ministry in NY and internationally–I put you on both prayer lists. My sister Elise Vincett is also placing you on several of her prayer networks.

    May there be an encouraging glimpse, or more, of God’s love and
    mercy every day. A fresh discovery for you of the breadth and depth and width of God’s love for you that never lets you go.

    With much love, Heidi H.

  10. My husband, Ron and I pray for your complete healing through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Grace and mercy, peace and contentment knowing that God in His glory, knows your situation and is Aware of you. That He loves you as He loves His son Jesus. What a great joy to know that He is there when we need Him and hears all of our prayers, holds our tears in His hands and sends us the Holy Spirit for guidance. May the angels of healing and hope and glory surround you Melissa, with their wings of mercy and give you the strength to get through each day. Even though I didn’t get much time to know you and your wonderful family, I feel that through my mom, I know you very well. Take care of each other and have fun in life. Love to you all, Sue Schroerlucke

  11. Rex and Melissa, Our thoughts and prayers are with you!! Our God is great!! We love you two and the love you have for one another!!

  12. Melissa,

    Will be lifting you and your family up in prayer. Sounds like you’re in good hands, though—God’s hands.

    Mark Deshon (good friend of your sister-in-law Marina)

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