Is Now And Ever Shall Be



a deep dull ache

as far down

as the ocean’s depth

the towering tip

of a tremendous iceberg


in immensely vast seas

of utter grief

No place else to be

will not ever be forgotten

not to be lost for ever more

a colossal displacement

a huge void

an infinite, unfulfilled emptiness

a large, inestimable volume of silence

an unspeakable expanse

the extent of which is unfathomable, unknown




One Who is, was, and is to come


Immeasurably more

Exceedingly, abundantly

Far above, all

any could

ask, think, even imagine

glorious, holy, anointed, mighty

to save, heal, fill, restore

blessing, power, glory and honor forever and ever

Now and not yet


~ by rexespiritu on May 21, 2010.

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