Words From The Girls

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  1. You may not remember me, but I fondly remember meeting you all, when you were moving from New Jersey to Indiana. You ladies gave me big hugs and made me feel so welcome. I am one of your Mom’s roommates from Mt Vernon, NY. I lived with her for 5 years, so I know how special she is.

    You are such a loving sweet group of young ladies and I am certain that you bring much love and joy to your Mom. I feel better knowing that you will help cheer her and take good care of her. I also ask that God will help you feel extra love when you need it. Mom’s friend, Heidi


  2. TO: Whoever gave me the COLTS sweatshirt and poko-dotted fuzzy socks.
    FROM:Tabitha Espiritu

    Thankyou!!!!!!!! I love the sweatshirt, in fact, I’m wearing it as a type this message. I’ll wear it mostly at home due to the fact that it’s a bit big for me, but that means I have room to grow into it. All the COLTS games will find me wearing it and chearing so that half the house will hear me. The pink fuzzy socks keep my feet warm and cozy, day or night. I love the presents and I thank you, whoever you are. 🙂


  3. TO: Whoever gave me the hot chocolate, mug, chocolate kisses, and journal, (plus the beautiful box,)
    FROM: Tabitha Espiritu

    I have a strong feeling it was Mrs. Janet Schmeisser, no one could’ve guessed hot chocolate would mean so much to me, But, whoever you were, know that you’re deeply appreciated. The exquisite journal will be filled with thoughts and feelings and will be treasured. The box will serve as my “most treasured memory box;” or keep the things that are most special to me safe. Of course the hot chocolate will be used 2 at a time, as Mrs. Schmeisser said, “Hot chocolate only tastes good when you use 2 packets.” (Sorry Mrs. Schmeisser, I let your secret out) The kisses will probably be gone before Sunday,and the mug will be used for things like tea or hot chocolate. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t know so many people would pray and be so thoughtful.


  4. TO: Whoever gave me the cute purse adn the ‘celebrate’ t-shirt.
    FROM: Tabitha Espiritu

    Thank you so much. You’re deeply appreciated. The purse is soooooooo cute and I could always use an extra shirt. Thanks again!!!! 🙂 🙂 :)!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Dear girls and young women,
    I am also one of your Mom’s friends from Mount Vernon, NY. I am happy to say that I got to know your Mom before she dated my brother. Well, it’s all in the family, right?
    I am praying for you daily and asking for Christ our Brother to intercede mightily for your Mom’s comfort and healing. I’ve asked my own church family here in the Newark United Methodist Church to include you in our prayer chain. We all are, in your Uncle Jun’s word, “relateebs” 🙂
    Your Uncle Charlie and Ellie say hi.
    With our love and continued prayers, Your Auntie Marina


  6. Dear Ladies,
    Many happy wishes for all of you for the New Year!! I am GrandMarys’ daughter, Sue. How is Barney? I pray for all of you, all of you ladies and your mom and dad. Sara’s picture is on my fridge and I think of all of you often. I didn’t get to know you well at all in the time mom was in the church and living in New Castle, but I hope that I will be able to come over in the spring and visit the church on a Sunday to see you all.
    God is so good. Give your mom an extra hug for me and tell her we are praying for her healing.


  7. Barney’s good, he’s not staying with us at present. He’s at “camp” or Val Mcnelis’ house while people are showing up constantly and no one is at home to take care of him. She says he’s just fine and is enjoying his long stay at camp. He would also keep Momma awake since her room is right next to his. We all miss him and are thinking about visiting him as soon as we can make a space in our busy schedule. Thanks for asking. I’m sure he misses Grandmary alot


  8. POEM:

    “Every time I remember you
    I weep for what seems like forever
    I think all the things we used to do
    And stuff we can’t do now, not ever.

    “I remember all the stories
    about my childhood.
    I remember everyone saying ‘you can’t’
    But you always said I oould.

    This poem is really silly
    because, you know what?
    you’re not gone at all,
    You’ll always be in my heart.

    -Tabitha Espiritu


  9. We are so blessed to have so many people who care about us. Everyone wants to pitch in to help us and it’s such a blessing. People offer spiritual support by praying, they provide peace and less chaos by offering to shop for us provide transportation. I’m speaking for all of when I say that we are blessed and appreciate everything and anything you can offer.


  10. Hi Missy’s girls,

    I hate I never got to know you. Melissa was my very best childhood friend. Today I decided to go on facebook and look her up. Imagine my surprise and dismay to find that I was a little too late. I know you will miss her. Having her as a mom means that you have everything you need to be patient, kind, and loving as she was all those things. I will keep you in my prayers.


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