• Any air-beds, sleeping bags or even pillows (we never have enough pillows in the house) that can be loaned or donated would be much appreciated
  • Pray for my older girls to finish the semester strong, with finals and final projects and such

Please pray for:

  • wisdom, discernment concerning possible, potential treatment(s), care
  • provision, for the healing journey ahead
  • comfort, strength of heart, encouragement, peace of mind

3 Responses to “Needs”

  1. As Melissa is more readily able to read from on paper rather than on a screen/display, we are generating more frequent [computer] printouts, thereby exhausting our supply of laser printer/copier paper.


  2. – “need[ed] Liquid C vitamin dietary supplmt NaturalCherryFlavor w/ Acerola for @MelissaEspiritu ~$6 at health store near McD’s across Muncie mall”

    Blessed, grateful to have dear friends drive up to Muncie for a health store run to procure the last two items in stock, reserved off-shelf for us to have picked up.


  3. Passing the Request for Friends’ Prayers On….

    “When caring people asked what they could do for him: Did he need dinners or rides…? — Judge Mascara told them to ask 10 friends to pray for him, then to pass the request on to 10 more.”

    Read more:

    Please pass it on….


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