From Within, Inside the Peace Bubble

I have found that as long as I can remain in what I call the “Peace Bubble”the place where God meets me no matter what circumstances on the outside look like — I can remain at rest knowing that God is in control and God is faithful. The danger I face is when I start looking on the outside circumstances and become overwhelmed with not meeting goals I had planned on and/or feeling weaker on a given day.

I know the best place for me to be is in the peace bubble where I can trust God to take care of me and all my needs. I don’t need to dig my own well.

It seems counter-intuitive. Shouldn’t I work somehow for this healing? What’s my role in this healing?

But then I remember that the stark reality is that The Only One Who has a Hand in this Healing is God. God is the Author of this Healing.

Lord, please help me remember this truth. God, You are the Author, Completer, Finisher, Perfecter of this Healing. I put my faith and trust in You, the Lord my God.

In Your Peace, Lord, I remain


(transcribed, posted by prayersForMelissa)

~ by Melissa Espiritu on March 6, 2010.

5 Responses to “From Within, Inside the Peace Bubble”

  1. …and so we pray, pleading before the throne of grace in time of need, asking The One Whose Healing Hand is upon Melissa for her healing that is at hand, by the power of His Spirit…. To God be the glory! In Christ’s Peace


  2. Melissa
    I find my own healing in your words of prayer and healing. Thank you. Blessings. Sandy Kincaid


  3. Beautiful! So true that we often feel we have to do, when just being with God and trusting God to do it is both the easiest and hardest thing to do sometimes. May God continue to hold you safe and peaceful in the Spirit’s healing bubble. Love, Heidi


  4. Melissa is now living in that Peace Bubble with God forever where all of us will reside on day. Melissa is now in the Loving arms of Christ. A women who is now whole and healed from all her afflictions. PTL!!!


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