Day 21: The Early Readers Bible

“I remember two Easters ago, Momma and Daddy gave me an Early Readers Bible. Momma always helped me with some words or names. (There are some hard names in there!) We would do it every night. When my mom was available (which was mostly every night). That was a time we spent alone together. It was mom and daughter time to me. I felt really great because I love Bible stories, especially the kind that were in my Early Reader’s Bible.

-Sara Joy”

This entry quote doesn’t really need much else explaining. Momma took the time to sit down with her daughters, in groups and one on one, to discuss God’s Word with us. I got that Early Reader’s Bible when I was four. Momma read me the stories until I could begin reading them out loud myself. I was contstantly inquiring and trying to decipher the words that were unfamiliar to me. I seem to recall specifically asking Momma about Nebuchadnezzar and shadrack and meshack and abendigo. I was fascinated with the weird spellings and the miraculous tales and the pictures on the page. I was a passionately curious kid. Some of that energy has carried on into my adolescence. I still find myself yearning to immerse in His Holy Word. Sometimes I fall short of that desire in favor of other things that take less effort, but my passion still shines through. I love reading and taking in and analyzing and challenging myself to apply what I’ve learned to lead a better Christian life. Bible quizzing has furthered how well-versed I am in the New Testament’s text, but the boundaries can always be pushed further. I’ve thought about pursuing a major or minor in biblical and theological studies, and even if I don’t, I will almost certainly want to take those electives. This passion of mine probably all started with that very book. Momma understood the importance of “teaching them young.” I’m thankful for the time she took to be with me at the start of my journey. Today, I still carry her sentiments with me as I continue on this neverending path of getting to know more and more about my Lord, and just like Momma did with me and everyone else she met, I hope to share that ultimate story – that ultimate REALITY – with anyone who I come across along the way.

-Sara Joy

~ by prayersForMelissa on January 29, 2020.

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