IF/THEN review


This appears to be a fairly accurate evaluation with adequately reasoned opinion(s) related to the current Broadway production. Idina Menzel definitely makes and for the most part carries the show! A virtual tour de force theatrical performance — such a formidably impressive vocal powerhouse of live talent that astoundingly overwhelms and singularly blows you away, surrounded at times throughout the play by other highly gifted thespians and vocalists that makes for a stellar ensemble and celebrated cast, well worthwhile seeing and hearing. I especially appreciated, following a brief intermission, the second act filled with greater depth and meaningful exploration of emotional trials and possibilities for coping in the midst of facing significant challenges with due consideration of existential, psychological and theological themes. Kudos to the one and only “wickedly talented” award winning performer, Ms. Idina Menzel and company for an enjoyably filling evening of delightful artistry.

addendum: While the first act may have dealt more with wandering through emotional wonderings of what might have been/could be concerning various possibilities for dating/relationships, the second act delved more deeply into palpable issues of grief and loss which served apropos to be timely cathartic with tears flowing in moments of reminiscence for this viewer in the audience, personally experiencing such a poignantly dramatic portrayal rendered with soberingly affecting authenticity. For this I must express heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Menzel and all involved in making this production such a real event and labor of love with performance upon performance each time well depicting our common humanity. Well done, cast & crew and orchestra, et al. — well done, indeed! With regards and appreciation for you and your work in live theater and the arts…. RE

~ by rexespiritu on August 3, 2014.

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