To love another

To love another

in life

with the love of the Lord

and be brought to a profound sense

of the great love of God

for you together


too deep

for words to say,

too rich

for sighs to convey,

too much

for a broken heart to bear,

too vast

for an ocean of tears to fill…


And yet the love of God is greater still….


I love you, with the love of the Lord, my sweet Melissa….


For always, yours

~ by rexespiritu on March 12, 2010.

6 Responses to “To love another”

  1. What an amazing witness both of you have been to all of us! May God’s peace and grace surround you and your family.
    Carol McDonald


  2. A truly amazing witness…


  3. Thinking of you, my friend, with great love and deep sorrow in our hearts for all of you. So much love, so much hope, but how you must be missing your sweet wife, sweet mother. May God continue to sustain you in peace. Love……
    Christyl Brown


  4. Nearly eight weeks following…
    in the wake of waves of mercy and grace….
    in the midst of emotional tsunamis,
    the dunamis breath of the Lord sustains and carries us through…
    further in to God’s glory, farther on out for good.

    Thank you for your continually encouraging words as we continue, with sustained reflection

    in the Spirit,


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