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21 January 2010

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Ears to Hear… Words of Encouragement

“New Year, New Body”

“I AM healing Melissa”

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“God is faithful”

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“Peace, I give to you”

“Do not be afraid”

“I AM with you”

“I AM for you”

Pastoral Prospective on

As I write this, I am realizing that today is my father’s birthday. My Dad would have been 89 years old on this day. A day in which I find myself facing one of, if not the most challenging trials of my life, ever.

Seven weeks ago today, my beloved, sweet Melissa was recovering from acute renal failure and we were being given a preliminary diagnosis of possible ovarian cancer in her abdominal area. Six weeks ago today, her oncologist informed us that this was instead not only stomach cancer, but an unusual, very rare and highly aggressive form already in its late, advanced stage four. As you may imagine, this was devastating news to be delivered, especially for our family with six children, the eldest in college and the youngest age six.

In our prayer life together and individually through the past several weeks, we have been blessed with ears to hear in the spirit some timely words of encouragement listed in the upper left column. You need to know that Melissa and I have gone from praying, asking God to please heal Melissa, to thanking God for the healing we are now already witnessing in Melissa.

At our most recent follow-up visit two weeks ago with her oncologist, we were amazed, realizing how remarkable it is that she is still with us. A week ago, she had energy enough to attend part of our daughter Hannah’s swim meet competition, rooting for the Trojan team to “win one for Momma ‘E'”!!! 🙂

No matter what the outcome, our prayers continue to be that God be glorified and faith be increased among us. I remain steadfast in this new season of faith to minister to my wife and family, first and foremost to the glory of God. My family and I thank God for you, each one and all for the love, care, support and compassion we share and experience together as we forge ahead with the challenges of this new year in the Lord Who heals us of all diseases. To God alone be all the glory. In Christ, Pastor Rex

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2 Responses to “Pastoral Prospective on”

  1. Amen! May God be praised for the healing you have witnessed!!!

    Good to hear that you are able to stay hydrated and can tolerate some juiced food. May you continue to hear many words of encouragement from our amazing God. As you are in prayer yourself or when others are praying for you, may you be in the presence of our sweet Jesus whose very presence is so healing to body and spirit. I will continue to think of sweet Jesus filling sweet Melissa with love and God’s healing light.

    I will also ask that your name be entered on the daily intense prayer list of the Order of St Luke International Healing Prayer Society (Interdenominational, but from the Episcopal church, mostly. You are also on our church’s prayer list–First Presbyterian Church of Yorktown, NY.

    May you continue to experience the abundance of love–those around you and those praying for you. Love, Heidi


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