with prayerful reflection, of intimacy in the presence

There is a silence of the heart

that exists in empty nothingness

An unspeakably deep void

Where memories of a loved one

dwell, coalesce

For ever embedded in the recesses

of one’s mind

A timeless, untimely place, eternally

wanting, yearning, aching, numbing

A frontier-less space, vast as the cosmos

From whence eyes remain unlifted

Upon which ears stay unstopped

A motionless state of being, unmet

When all that is

dearly beloved and treasured




Don’t ask me

how I am

Do not disturb

the fathomless depths

of unknowable peace

Dare not approach

the intimate cloud of unknowing

Immortal, Invisible, Inaccessible

welling up

with a bowl

of profound intercessions

in perpetuity

Stay with me

Pray with me

Belay with me

When words fail

Where sentiments assail

Whether unspoken or unexpressed





~ by rexespiritu on April 22, 2010.

One Response to “with prayerful reflection, of intimacy in the presence”

  1. conceived over night, formulating in the early morning light, written during family devotions with daughters at home through one another’s sight


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