signs as one wonders, along with another or two….

FYI – Encouraging words from one of the nutrition product representatives providing for some consultation in Melissa’s healing journey:

Subject Melissa – important
From A friend, nutrition product representative
To Rex and Melissa Espiritu
Sent Monday, February 22, 2010 10:32 PM


I’ve received your messages regarding things being difficult for Melissa the past [few] days. I am so sorry to hear that. [However,] … I feel it is very important and could be encouraging for you to know that this could be a very good sign that her body is doing some significant detox and work at a deeper level.

Detox can be very uncomfortable though productive. What we encourage people to do when detox symptoms become very uncomfortable or debilitating, is to drop back just a little on the amount of product they’re taking in. If that helps, then we hold them there for a bit but soon try to work back up to where they had been. In Melissa’s case, we wouldn’t necessarily drop back on amounts since we’ve got the shakes down to smaller increments already, but instead to just back down to fewer shakes a day and see if that gives her some relief. Then gradually work back up to where she had been and eventually up to the full [number of] shakes [per day] we’re aiming for.


In hope,


This pretty much confirms and resonates with our recent experience(s), sense of shared discernment and leading in prayer together. At our visit with Melissa’s oncologist this morning, her doctor also concurred.

We praise God for the Lord’s wisdom and perfect timing in answer to prayers as we continue learning to listen in body and spirit with the heart and mind of Christ Jesus our Lord. Glory be to the Holy and Anointed One Who heals and leads us!

With thousands of hallelujahs as Melissa receives twenty thousand more (double from last week) units of Vitamin C via IV, we are even more hope-filled and encouraged

In the Spirit of the Lord,

Rex and Melissa

~ by prayersForMelissa on February 23, 2010.

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